B-V-M Philosophy

Our philosophy is to be different than others. We want to consciously not just run a standard booking agency which simply organises the bands concerts and that's it.


The B-V-M will be a platform/network for all bands in our pool. Say according to the motto, all for one, one for all.


Here are our thoughts:

- Requires a band an support, one tries this to organize from the B-V-M Pool.

- All bands help all bands to make your event publicized as social media, etc. - Makes for more audience and advertising for all.

- Should a band have a question, a concern, for example, where you can produce CD's, T-shirts Print and much more. Should herewith the know-how of the pool can be used. Requests can be sent to us and we will forward it on accordingly to all bands.

- The bands exhibit promoters, venues, etc. on the B-V-M Pool or give the B-V-M corresponding contacts of those, this comes back all the bands in the pool for good. If a band as also attend an event at which more bands can play, this is of great importance for all, that the organizer is indicated that he can/should fill the remaining slots from the B-V-M Pool.

- The B-V-M is interested to offer the bands always more and more. Therefore ideas on the part of bands are explicitly desired, so we can support you better, help and promote you more. Write us all your ideas.


Together we are strong!