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We provide a platform where the music connects with the audience for bands and locations / festivals /open airs.
Some bands of us like to play also at weddings, corporate & social club events etc.
Ask us and we are happy to help you.

For Schools...

Project "Schnabelwetzer" - 7 Songs in 7 Languages

The group Ssassa looks back on an intensive school house concert tour in 2014 with 90 appearances and 22 project days in all of Switzerland. For example, 4 of which in the canton of Bern. Either from Buren BE, Stetten, Interlaken and from Lyssach the teachers have sent a very positive feedback, which we are very pleased and inspired to offer our program even to your school: Four artists of the group SSASSA of Macedonia, Turkey and of Switzerland offer schools a one-hour, cross-cultural music program with 7 songs in 7 languages to participate. The costs will be financed by "culture vouchers" (see below). We would be very happy about reserving one or more school house concerts or even project days with final concert.


Interested? We like to help you out


Contribution culture Vouchers: max. Fr 800.- per class:
At the Program Education and Culture of Education Directorate of Canton Bern you can apply for school vouchers for culture for cultural projects:
Here you'll find the link to our cultural offerings on the platform of the program Education and Culture:

Brochure Schnabelwetzer 2014
Here you find all offers from a single lesson up to a project week.
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